Listening to Music 2



Over the course of seven 2-hour interactive sessions, I will present and discuss music from a wide range of cultures and time periods. Together we will listen to, and consider, how music works its way into the deepest places of our human hearts.

We will look at music as constituted of five primary elements: Melody, Rhythm, Harmony, Texture, and Form. Through the process of considering these elements independently of, but interacting with, each other, the listener (you) will start to become more aware of how music is put together, and how it works its magic.  You will go deeper into the mystery of how you, as a particular listener, with your unique background and experiences, resonate with what is being performed. And maybe even discover why you like what you like!

This course is for anyone who wishes to explore music with fresh ears and an open heart. No previous training in music is required, and any technical language will be minimal, and explained. And, if you already are a musician working in any genre, or at any level, these explorations are designed to enhance your present working knowledge of music.

For those who have taken this course earlier, I have revised and replaced all the major musical examples with new selections, so you will be able to go deeper into the musical elements, and embark on new musical adventures.



Sessions will be held on the Zoom platform on seven consecutive weeks. There will be two sessions offered:

Sundays 9:30 – 11:30 AM, (PST) March 21 – May 2

Mondays 7:00 – 9:00 PM, (PST) March 22 – May 3

Cost of the course is $200 CAD.  In each session: maximum enrollment : 48; minimum enrollment: 20.
We also have a 'Couples" rate, where any two people, sharing a computer screen, can pay $300 CAD.

I will be presenting numerous music selections with participants via the Zoom “audio sharing” feature, which streams audio files directly. Note: in order to get the true sound from my computer to yours you will need either a good speaker system or good headphones or ear buds. The speakers on a tablet, by themselves, will not be satisfactory.  

I will also be sharing resources including annotated music lists and background information. Each week I will leave registrants with guided suggestions for further on-line listening.